Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reduce anxiety

In 2000, a systematic review, including 6 randomized clinical studies, concluded that aromatherapy seemed to have a beneficial effect on short-term reduction of anxiety. Since then, additional randomized clinical studies have evaluated the effectiveness of aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and improve mood of people hospitalized or undergoing stress. Their findings are in the same direction.

One study examined, for example, 40 graduates of an American school care. Before exams particularly stressful, students have been in the presence of essential oil of lavender or rosemary. The results show that aromatherapy would decrease the stress level and that would be more effective than rosemary and lavender. Some students have even mentioned that they felt a level of relaxation too high to inhalation of lavender, thereby reducing their concentration.

Clinical studies have also been conducted to investigate the relaxing effects of aromatherapy combined massages. In a randomized clinical trial, we compared the effect of a massage with or without essential oil of lavender on anxiety and mood intensifier care patients. A control group simply remained in rest. Participants who received aromatherapy have reported a greater improvement in their mood and their level of anxiety.

However, the results of other studies conducted in periods pre and post surgery or medical tests suggest that the use of essential oils not reduce the level of anxieties. For example, in a randomized clinical trial including 66 women awaiting abortions, the calming effect of inhalation of essential oils was equal to that of a placebo to the smell (hair conditioner).