Friday, June 25, 2010

The Japanese table manners

It is well known that our Japanese friends are a bit weird ... They have plenty of small ways and small forbidden, for example - are not planted his chopsticks into the bowl of rice! No idea but what is it like that this food to the deceased ... - It is noisy at the table! And particularly in slurps his soup or noodles. Here, "slurp slurp" thought "Zuru Zuru», and we must get used because no restaurant noodle soup without half a dozen who salarymen Zuru Zuru sniffing. Make Zuru Zuru can cool the burning soup that starts in the throat and is also a sign that they appreciated the dish.

- It does not draw in the common plate with chopsticks! Or more exactly, not with the side of the rod that has been in contact with the mouth. They returned, therefore, and is used with the proper rating. In the same way, it does not share food with someone stick a rod.

- It does not point person with his chopsticks! It is even worse than point fingers, but not. And then we do not gesticulate with his drumsticks in hand, they must serve's eat. When not eating, they are laid quietly on their small sticks or pegs on the edge of a plate.

- You can dip sushi in soy sauce but not pour soy sauce in sushi! Likewise, we do not pay the white rice that we used, it would be an insult to the hostess.

- We do not use to drink yourself! It is not polite. You have to understand his neighbor table that has the dry throat delicately lifting his glass to the table and putting his left hand below. Similarly, if you see a Japanese man who implores you gaze for 20 minutes with his glass in hand, is that you forget to serve avex ...

- Before eating, even if you are alone, it says "itadakimasu" (literally: "I receive"), which marks the beginning of the meal. And when we finished, "gochisousamadeshita" (I know it's long to read) (literally: "it was a treat"), to thank the guests and officially announce that the meal is finished.

- We do not bite into apples! And in all fruits in general. We peel them, they are cut, put them in a pretty dish, and eaten with a small spear-like treatment dents.Il are still many ways and rules specific to the Japanese table. I forget a lot!

One day, one of my Japanese friends came to stay in France with my parents and spend time at the table I'm looking ahead, wondering how it would happen: my friend is real Japanese and my dad a real french who do not like when we make noise while eating. Well AC has no lens, it has Zuru Zuru with spinach, you should have seen the head of my father!

Finally, to complete the above, if the Japanese sometimes seem rude or too polite at the table, we also they seem a bit beside the plate sometimes. His nose at the table making noise, for example, but they really know not stand these French! (The head of my Japanese friend when my dad was fly ...).
So strong cultural relativism!

For my part I still can not have Slurper my soup, it's stronger than me ...

Bugnes Lyon

I can not resist the pleasure of showing you bugnes Ludo made last Sunday. As soon Easter, we realized we had not yet Candlemas and therefore needed to remedy this! Hence bugnes, executed entirely by the head Ludo scullion according to a recipe (but replacing the rum with lemon juice, which added zest, gave a pretty sour taste).

- 250g of flour (half bread flour, half regular flour)
- 1 egg
- 1.5 tbsp tablespoon brown sugar
- Zest and juice of one lemon
- 5g yeast
- A few drops of vanilla
- A little milk
- A pinch of salt
- 75g butter

Mix dry ingredients in one hand, the other liquid ingredients, then make a ball with the two mixtures. Working for a very elastic ball. Let stand at least half an hour. Roll out the dough, cut strips and fry quickly on each side by three or four. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Doing bugnes in Japan, is a moment to dive back into our childhood and our memories of Carnival. One moment, we almost forget we're the land of sushi. But an earthquake (magnitude 7 at the epicenter, Fukuoka), and strength 5 here, we came gently shake to remind us! More than scared than hurt, but the walls and pitched bugnes have really asked what country they lived! ...