Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slimming, which to choose?

The chirping of birds we confirmed, beautiful days are fast approaching and with them the sweetness of little skirts of the season, the arrogance of mini tart tops and fateful bikini mean by that test to the beach! No chance, so if the magazines are starting to titrate "lose weight quickly and, like magic, without hunger, spring forces, plans to link their new nose! But then, this regime, this diet is difficult to sort through all this, what to choose? Here is a point on six of the most charged systems, principles and results ...

Meal replacement:

Meal Replacement these fast meal replacements come in the form of puree / soup or porridge, or other bars. It will replace one or two meals of the day and will be completed with a yogurt or fruit to balance the meal. The principle is simple because it substitutes put on a hypocaloric diet taken as substitutes and prepared for, inter alia, to cut hunger. Here, therefore, no counting calories or food choices, you follow the advice provided with the product. This scheme can be followed over a period shorter or longer, which depend on the weight loss desired.
The catch? If it is deemed effective, it is however not high cuisine, it quickly grows tired of substitutes who are also not very good taste and which unfortunately are relatively costly. Here for PID Slim fast meal.

The Atkins Diet:

Atkins diet: proteins and lipids are this privileged system invented by Dr. Atkins in the early 70s based on the exclusion of carbohydrates in the diet. So, are excluded virtually all foods that contain carbohydrate (sugars fast or slow) as starchy foods (breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, ...), fruits, legumes (peas, lentils, beans, ...), cakes and candy, etc. ... are therefore allowed other foods especially those containing significant amounts of protein: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese and even butter and oil ... Namely However, Atkins is now pointed to as potentially dangerous to the exclusion of a large number of foods and therefore essential to the body! It is rapidly effective provided you follow all its conditions, of course, but would cause significant fatigue due to lack of carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, as well as constipation due to lack of fiber and a higher cholesterol because of the oil content of the diet recommended.

The dissociated diet:

Combining diet: a single type of food per day. The combining diet is based on the principle that food alone does not make you fat, but that combinations of foods are they, high in calories. The solution? Book each day to a type of food: Mondays example only eating fruit, meat Tuesday, Wednesday, fish, etc. ...
The dissociated diet is deemed effective if to resist the temptation: one food satiated quickly but also quickly tired! It is typically practiced on a relatively short period because relatively difficult to hold over time and is quite unbalanced nutritionally speaking. Last drawback, if it makes a rapid weight loss does not prevent a subsequent rapid recovery!

The protein diet or hyper-protein diet:

The principle of hyper-protein diet is simple, meals are in the form of bags, soups, bars very high-protein and low in calories. This plan must be done with the help of a specialist, not bringing the body bags all the elements it needs, this diet may cause or deficiencies that need to be filled by mineral and vitamin supplements . The average duration of this regime is approximately one month, it creates a very rapid weight loss to be monitored, the body drawing on its reserves of fat and carbohydrate preparations virtually absent. Please note finally that the protein diet is relatively expensive and makes it difficult transition preparations / supply which, in many cases is found by a rapid weight regain.

The forking method:

Developed by Ivan Gavrilov, the method forking attacks only dinner. The principle? Dinner with a fork. One can understand, the evening meal should contain only food (naturally) edible with a fork and said bite fork said food rather than try to cut or climb to the mouth so bad!

Method forking: dinner with a fork

So at lunch, we eat what we like (in moderation though) and at night everything that can be eaten without a knife, spoon and fingers, pasta, vegetables, potatoes, mashed potatoes, for example .... Are excluded due to lack of range, the bread, cakes, snacks, deli, pizza, meat ...

Less frustrating than other plans he would not rule that will permit food at lunch or breakfast. The forking method based on the principle that the body absorbs easily ingested food in the evening, failing to remove sufficient energy expenditure. It would therefore lose weight over the long term, without the resume provided of course to be reasonable.

The Plan Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers diet is probably one of the most balanced since the principle is simple, you eat everything but in limited quantities.
Thus, each food has a certain number of points will therefore deal with these foods so as not to exceed the quota of points you have. This system is practiced with the help of a support group, meetings are held weekly, meetings involving other "practitioners Weight Watchers. Overall the scheme has a good reputation, it would allow a significant weight loss but in the long term, support of other members is showing often effective: less "cracking", better than when s 'There is alone.

The Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin injections and in particular on the face has become very popular in anti aging treatment to smooth out wrinkles. Very often, these injections are done in private, in private parties where you picnic between a cocktail and a glass of champagne. Although it is effective, its effect lasts up to six months but we know he has long been used in other contexts of medicine and is closely monitored by military experts in the event of any conflict bacteriological. Before and after an injection of botox. It is considered the most powerful natural poisons known. Used as a chemical weapon, a few grams of spray would be enough to destroy millions of people, causing paralysis of the muscles and causing death. The substance is produced by a microbe and disease resulting from its absorption is called botulism.

Similarly, when used in cosmetic and injected in very small quantities, the same active ingredient that is being sought to induce relaxation of facial muscles responsible for wrinkles by reducing their depth of furrows. The anti age is there, it seems younger, but the upper face, and paralyzed, gives the feeling of missing or expression seems static.

Injection of toxin no botulinum of what, to condemn the technique because, for example, in ophthalmology it has long been used for movement disorders of the eyes, neurology for what is called the writer's cramp and problems salivation in patients with Parkinson's disease. A study is currently underway on its use in intra-articular injections in osteoarthritis of the knee. It would reduce the stiffness of the joints and relieve pain during the night ...

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a powerful antioxidant. It protects cells against damage and rid the body "free radicals" that gives it its reputation as a budding anti-aging. The superior antioxidant Ginkgo Biloba may improve your chances for longevity, it also promotes the optimal functioning of organs from any part of your body by promoting blood circulation.

The leaves and seeds of the tree are used to improve blood circulation, digestion, treat bronchial diseases, improve memory and concentration, particularly by increasing oxygen delivery to the brain. This is also an excellent eye protection.
It can also:

* Protect your heart,
* Improve Your Memory
* Increase your mood
* Treat your headache,
* Alleviate circulatory problems and fight free-radical damage

Distributed on the Internet, Gingko Biloba is packaged in capsules. These capsules are made from 100% extract of this plant. Several comments were very positive about the use of this extract and its reputation is well established.

World Epidemic of Obesity

The obesity epidemic can be contained without a concerted effort to promote more equitable access to quality food and better conditions of life and work, analysis by an international team in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) dated Saturday.

Obesity is a global problem, but is unevenly distributed across countries and even within each country, underline Sharon Friel (University College London, UK), Mickey Chopra (Medical Research Council, Cape Town, Southern Africa) Satcher David (Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta USA).

Act only to encourage people to eat better and be more physically active, they say, misses the "core issue", the unequal distribution of factors favoring a good weight for your health.

They cite urban planning (or not promoting walking and access to areas where spending), working conditions, business structures (chains or small traders and local markets) ...

According to researchers, an effective strategy for preventing obesity requires "concerted action at global, national and local, involving multiple sectors including health professionals would be the spearhead.

To illustrate the European initiatives against obesity, the BMJ describes the program Epode (Together Let's Prevent Childhood Obesity) launched in January 2004 at the local level by ten cities in France. Teachers, health professionals, parents, associations and businesses are invited to participate in the initiatives implemented in schools: building healthy menu, find the fruits and vegetables, play tag, take the "walking bus" is ie go to school on foot supervised by adults.

The initiative Epode extended to 113 other French cities (involving more than one million people) and has been emulated in Belgium and Spain.

"The vices and virtues of dark chocolate

"On the eve of Christmas and New Year and their gourmet temptations, the British medical journal The Lancet weighs Saturday, 22/12/2007 virtues and vices more or less hidden dark chocolate, in an editorial entitled" The devil in dark chocolate.

The magazine said that several studies have suggested that dark chocolate rich in flavonoids (antioxidants contained in cocoa beans), could have beneficial cardiovascular effects "great news for lovers of dark chocolate.

However milk chocolate or white, often devoid of flavonoids, "offer no benefits to health. "No chance" for fans of these types of chocolate, says the magazine.

But beware, dark chocolate can also be "misleading" in the manufacture, flavonoids, bitter, can be removed.

And although the flavonoids appear to offer some health benefit, says The Lancet, "the devil in dark chocolate is the fat, sugar and calories it also contains".

The size of your jealousy and love your success depends on your height metric

Undefined "Men are much less jealous they are big, while women are those of medium size which are least, according to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior and reiterated in the latest issue of the British magazine New Scientist. Researchers from the universities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Valencia (Spain) have applied to 549 women and men from their countries to estimate their jealousy and to identify the characteristics that a person of their sex, hindering the more.
For men, the more, and the less one is jealous, the size coupled, according to the researchers, with the charm, power and success in love.

undefined Among women, those of average size are less jealous than others, because they have the advantage as regards health, fertility and popularity with men, according to previous studies on the preservation of the species. However, when faced with rivals over insured physically and socially, women of average size can be more jealous than others, feeling against the risk of being dominated.

Another study, conducted by researchers Polish Wroclaw University and published in the same issue of Evolution and Human Behavior, examines the effect of leg length on physical attraction. Researchers have proposed 100 men and 118 women photos in September a man and a woman in September, where the length of the legs had been shortened or lengthened. A person seemed less attractive, both for men and women, when the legs were shorter than average. As for the longer legs, they made the person more attractive than if they had been lengthened as a maximum of 5%. In addition, people were less attractive than those with legs of medium length. According to researchers, the length of the legs is seen as going hand in hand with biological qualities. Legs short or too long may seem reflect a poor biological condition - genetic diseases, health problems or weak immune responses to environmental factors during childhood or adolescence. "