Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 golden rules for good sleep

And if you enjoy a vacation to learn or relearn how to sleep well? Ensure a good sleep is vital for our body to function physically and mentally. Caught in our many activities we often tend to neglect.

What are the 10 golden rules for good sleep?

  • Know your needs. Feel free to record your sleep schedule. A vacation is ideal for determining if you tend evening or morning, big or small sleeper sleeper. Take this opportunity also to determine the needs of your spouse and your children. This is valuable information to help you meet your own pace and create a space conducive to sleep.
  •  Hold hours of sleep most regular possible, especially for the rise.
  •  To improve your form, arrange the most of your wake-up ritual: shower, breakfast, light ...
  •  Watch for signs of sleep and stick to them. Yawning, heavy eyelids, stretching, itchy eyes ... are all signs that your body tired and it's time to put you at rest. Do not resist, go to bed early.
  •   Avoid stimulants in the evening coffee, tea, tobacco, vitamin C, caffeine-containing beverages, etc..
  •  Avoid heavy meals at night. Also avoid alcohol. The alcohol may facilitate falling asleep, but then he deconstructs sleep.
  •  No sports or other stimulating activities at night. Conversely, at least one hour before bed, focus on tasks quiet and relaxing.
  •  Herbal tea, warm milk, reading, prayer, relaxation rituals ... are all beneficial to sleep. Repeated every night, they sleep and condition the shorter duration of sleep.
  •  Create a quiet and calm: airy room, isolated from the noise, temperature between 18 and 20 ° C, soft light ...
  •  Reserve your bed for sleep and intimacy: no TV, computer or intellectual activities.
Sleep and TV: good to know

Many of us have the TV in our room. Some of us recognize attracted by the images and sound, we are kept awake.

For those who fall asleep in front of their TV, board, program it to turn off by itself. Otherwise you may be awakened at the slightest change in her. This is often the end credits that awakens and may break your sleep.

As for those who tend to fall asleep in front of their TV on the couch, plan ahead as you prepare for the night. Before you install, sit in your pajamas, wash your teeth and close your doors and windows. In this way, if you wake up several hours later, you will only transport you to your bed. Otherwise, your preparations will have the effect of sleep to wake up fully.


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  2. Thanks for sharing these tips. Very helpful indeed. I've been suffering from insomnia and it really sucks. I can't wait to try your tips. Hope I will have a goodnight sleep tonight.